3 ways to apply

There are 3 ways to apply for a mortgage with us. Choose the best option for you.

1. Phone – the best way

The best application is done on the phone with me.
It takes 15 – 25 minutes, we get all the data at one time, I can give you rough numbers right at the end of the call, review the documents that the bank will need to see and answer any questions you have all at once.
What a relief!

I answer from 9 am to 9 pm most all days – including weekends.

403-681-4376 is my direct cell phone.

2. Paper

You can download an application and the 2 disclosure documents and fax or email them back to us.
Toll free secure e-fax number is on the documents.
Here are the 2 items to download:

3. On-line

You can fill out the secure form below. If it does not render properly, you can visit fill it out  at my corporate site here.