Protect Client Assets in Taxing Times

This is the time of year when our senior clients pay their income and property taxes.

With restricted cash flow, many seniors resort to drawing down on investments in order to meet their tax obligations.

Supplementing cash flow from investments often carries some heavy costs:

  • Income tax implications of withdrawals from registered plans
  • Claw back triggers for OAS, GIS or other income tested benefits
  • Opportunity cost of foregoing future investment returns

Because of this we offer our clients a sound, tax-efficient alternative … CHIP Home Income Plan.

CHIP Home Income Plan proceeds are not added to income for tax purposes and will not affect OAS or GIS benefits.

Best of all, they will allow our clients to pay taxes and increase their cash flow without sacrificing their investment assets.

In certain situations, where unregistered investments generate income, CHIP Home Income Plan interest expense may be applied to gain tax deductions, further reducing our clients’ taxes.

And there are more great benefits:

  • no interest or principal payments due until your clients choose to move or sell
  • no income, credit or medical qualification required
  • Rates starting at 4.75% and a ½% rate discount when interest payments are made annually

This is an opportunity our clients can’t afford to ignore. Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the population.  Like no other generation, you have been living longer, spending more, and saving less.  We can meet your needs by providing a long-term borrowing solution that will meet your needs.

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