CHIP Home Income Plan

extended to homeowners 55+


CHIP Home Income Plan provided by HomEquity Bank will now be available to homeowners as young as 55.

The lowering of the eligibility age from 60 to 55 comes in response from:

  • A significant demand by senior couples where one of the spouses is over 60 while the other is a few years younger
  • The need for senior couples to better coordinate their retirement plans by making it possible to access equity stored in their homes to enjoy retirement on their terms

The change from 60 to 55 as the minimum age of eligibility for a CHIP Home Income Plan does not constitute a major shift in our lending focus.  The majority of our new clients will continue to be homeowners in their late 60s and early 70s.

This is an opportunity you and your clients can’t afford to ignore.Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the population and now you can help them at a younger age.  Like no other generation, they have been living longer, spending more, and saving lessYou can meet their needs for cash flow by providing them with a long-term borrowing solution that will meet their needs.

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