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Divorces – Calgary
Our in-house mortgage expertise has led us to be the mortgage broker of choice for Fairway Divorce Fairway Divorce Solutions®.
Important life changes should not mean that you spend your children’s university funds on lawyers; as we often see. Try a mediator first. You will save thousands but more importantly you will avoid a system that gets you to hate each other for an extended period, and spend significant sums of money supporting the lawyers that run the system.

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Divorces – Edmonton

The Divorce Company in Edmonton is run by Dean Bergsma, (780) 990-0410 x 21.

He has a “UNIQUE TO THE INDUSTRY” solution to help with legal and divorce fees.#403, 10240 124 St.

Guardian Building (1 block north of Mountain Equipment Co-op) Edmonton, AB
P: 780-990-0407 | F: 780-990-041 | dean.bergsma@thedivorcecompany.ca
Helping People Take the High Road in Divorce

Real Estate

Supporting Realtors We support most realtors’ efforts to facilitate a smooth transaction for both clients. Here are a few of the realtors that support us with reciprocating links:

Richard Austin

Jeff Campbell team

Ben Sweet

Josh Browning

D’Arcy Browning

Patricia Cranwell

Judy Cunningham

Kim Twohey

Julie Vesuwalla

Jeff LeBlanc

New Homes in Calgary – buying a new built home in Calgary

Canadian Real Estate Association

Education – Primary and Secondary

Calgary Board of Education

Calgary Catholic School Distrist

Edmonton Catholic School Division


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