the B20 !!

There will be lots more on THE B20 – as it is the #1 issue with getting real estate deals approved right now.

To start with, that the B20 is:

  • Needs multiple financing condition extensions
  • Pre-approvals collapse at the bank and with on-line or inexperienced brokers
  • Seemingly strong purchasers outright and irreversibly declined
  • Losing out in multiple-offer situations
  • Approvals taking forever


The reason you are having a tough time removing financing conditions (COF) for your deals is called “the B20” and the details are attached. Have a read to find out why. Better yet, feel comfortable suggesting your clients use 1 of Canada’s Top-10, full-time, professional, fully-independent, mortgage brokers with a Master’s Degree in Finance, who knows what these rules mean and how to get your deals done. On time.

 OUR SYSTEM, proven during the ‘06 – ‘07 boom, gives you the winning edge in multiple offers most of the time. BEFORE clients go shopping we get all the docs in. They are then reviewed by our past-head-underwriter (with $18 Billion in residential mortgages written) who discusses directly with the bank underwriters. We know the deals will work BEFORE they write an offer. In multiple offers we review the file to shorten condition time and work with you to write the winning offer.

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New mortgage guidelines have been issued to ALL mortgage lenders by OSFI – the Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions – causing every lender to modify their policies which:

  • Significantly restricts the LTV (Loan-to-value) and overall qualification of mortgage amounts.
  • Demands significant additional scrutiny and verification of ALL client documentation – banks can no longer paper over problems like before; causing many more outright, irreversible declines.
  • Causes many banks and non-professional mortgage agents to take way too long to present approvals or produce irreversible “declines” on mortgages that were not properly documented or packaged.

Using an experienced, full-time, professional, high-volume mortgage broker is the best way to ensure your deals are completed on time, the first time. Why risk an irreversible decline for your client by using any random broker?

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