Medical Doctor Mortgage Program – mortgage financing on your projected income!!


ATTENTION soon-to-be-Doctors – FINALLY a program that acknowledges that you will be earing lots of money – soon, but not just yet.

Medical Doctors still in school or residency can qualify for financing with 20% down payment (up to 80% LTV) using projected income.

More details:

  • “Projected income” is based on what a medical doctor is expected to earn in their specialization of practice.
  • existing student loans, or student line of credit are fine
  • the 20% down CAN BE borrowed funds from a Line of Credit, or other source
  • part or all of the 20% down CAN BE gifted from a family member
  • there is NO sliding scale – which means if you want a 1,200,000 home and you have the 20% down ($240,000) then it can still work!

Call for details and a quick chat on the phone: 403- 681-4376

Mark Herman, Top Calgary, Alberta Mortgage broker for doctors and renewals.