Update: Using Return-To-Work Income while on Maternity Leave and Self-employed: 2024

Flavor of the month seems to be combining: self-employed income & T4 income & being on maturity leave – to buy a home now!

Yes, this is possible and of course, the catches are:

  • Self-employed income CAN be used and needs to be a 2-year average … so your self-employed income can still be used as an input for the 2-year average
  • Full, return to work salary/ wages after maternity leave can still be used, as long as your employment letter has a “return to work date.”


  • All of the Big-6 banks have a tough time with this and don’t do it.
    • They need to see a payslip for your actual return to work … but that kind of messes up the entire idea of using your income now, and buying now while you have time to shop and move-in, in peace and at your own pace.

Here is the 1st post with all the details of what is needed: link



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