Is it time for mortgage interest rates to start going up?

The Canadian housing market shows no signs of slowing down during the typically slowing summer months. Economists say they continue to be surprised by the strength in the housing market and continued appetite that Canadians have towards home ownership.

The U.S economy is growing much faster than expected and unemployment is down to 6.1% which is at its lowest level since the summer of 2008. Housing starts across the US have also exceeded the expectations of many economists.  This encouraging news is causing speculation that the US Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates faster than anticipated to ensure inflation does not become a concern.

According to Bloomberg News, Charles Plosser of the Federal Reserve states, “The data keeps telling us we ought to be raising rates, if we wait too long we could find ourselves raising rates faster and higher than we want to.”  Historically, our interest rates usually follow the lead of the US.

With the hot real estate market this summer, it makes sense to get a pre-approved mortgage with a locked in interest rate while we are still at historical lows. Access to major banks, trust companies and credit unions combined with my expertise provides you the opportunity to get the right mortgage with the best possible rate and terms.

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