TD mortgages get harder to get out of


TD mortgages just became less appetizing as they are now very difficult to get out of. We do not use them much and now even less.

TD bank overhauls mortgage program

| Wednesday, 13 October 2010
TD bank is redesigning its mortgage program to make it easier for homeowners to tap into their equity and harder for them to switch to another lender when their mortgage renewal comes up.
The main difference of the overhaul is a switch to collateral-charge mortgages, which are similar to lines of credit. The bank is encouraging employees to approve customers at 125 per cent of a home’s actual value with certain conditions, so the homeowner can easily borrow more money if the property value increases.
Unlike traditional mortgages, collateral mortgages are difficult to transfer from one lender to another because they must be paid in full to be cancelled.