Alberta’s economy to rebound this year, lead nation in GDP growth

More good news on the economy that does not make the papers.

Alberta’s economy to rebound this year, lead nation in GDP growth

Oil sands investment boosts forecast of 4.1% spurt

CALGARY – Alberta will experience a significant economic rebound this year and lead the nation in GDP growth, says a report released today by Scotiabank.

The report forecast GDP growth of 4.1 per cent for the province while overall Canadian growth would be 3.6 per cent, the strongest advance in a decade for the country. In 2011, Scotiabank is forecasting Alberta economic growth at 3.4 per cent – tied with Saskatchewan for the best in Canada. Nationally, it is predicting Canadian GDP at 2.7 per cent next year.

Scotiabank said a strong pickup in investment will fuel growth in the energy and manufacturing sectors this year in Alberta.

“Investment has perked up in the oil sands, as easing costs and higher oil prices revived investment intentions in late 2009, with $2.2 billion in outlays scheduled for 2010 alone,” said the report. “Renewed activity in the industry will lead to significant benefits flowing through the economy, with manufacturing and services all heavily tied to conditions in the energy sector. While the bulk of investment will stem from oil sand development and tight oil plays, recent revisions to the province’s royalty framework are a major positive for the natural gas industry.”

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