more on the B20!

THE B20!

More on what the B20 is doing:

  • According to simulation, 17% of high ratio mortgages funded in 2010 could not have been funded today.
  • This includes 11% of prospective high ratio homebuyers who can’t qualify for a mortgage under the new 25 year amortization rule.
  • Source: CAAMP Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market, November 2012.

What Does This Mean for You?

Consumers’ buying power in the housing market has been affected. In order to adapt and continue to meet your clients’ needs, you need to work with a mortgage broker who knows how to get real estate purchases done.  

We specialize in the most competitive solutions for borrowers who do not fit inside the traditional “A” Lending guidelines. This includes buyers who:

  • Are self-employed or commissioned individuals with stated income
  • Are salaried individuals with a GDS/TDS that does not meet traditional bank requirements
  • Earn additional “soft income” on the side that may not be reported on taxes – like auto mechanics and computer programmers
  • Have imperfect credit due to extenuating circumstances
  • Are new immigrants to Canada – we love New-to-Canada buyers!
  • And sophisticated residential real estate investors

If you know someone who does not meet the traditional “A” guidelines, call me today to for a discussion on what is possible for you.

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