TD changing to collateral loans for mortgages – the bad news

TD is changing their mortgages to collateral loans as standard.

We think this is to keep people from refinancing with another bank because TD is not offering competitive rates. There are also some other negative points to the new TD mortgage listed below:


  1. Most chartered banks will not accept “transfers” of collateral mortgages from other chartered banks. If the consumer wishes to switch their collateral mortgage to another lender upon maturity, there will be legal & appraisal costs. Approx $750-$1000
  2. Upon maturity, would the lender offer only a posted fixed rate or just a slightly lower rate knowing the costs associated with transferring to another lender has legal & appraisal costs.
  3. Collateral charges allow lenders to change the interest rate and/or loan more money to qualified borrowers after closing. On secured lines of credit, the interest rate registered at Prime + upwards of 10%.
  4. Collateral loan involves the other debts you may have. Under Canadian law, a lender may seize equity to cover other debt you have with the same lender. So, in essence, you’re possibly securing all your loans that you have with that financial institution; be it credit cards, unsecured lines of credit, car loans, or overdraft etc.

Now the Pros:
I can’t think of any!

Ensure you do your home work on TD mortgages. There are lots of other lenders and lots of alternatives.


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