Alberta’s raw materials will fuel small real estate boom

Comment – this is what caused the inital boom – high inter-province relocations to Calgary. Why? Do you know that Ft. Mac has the world’s largest oil reserves that are not government owned!

Kevin Usselman

The world wants what Alberta has an abundance of; namely energy, food, fertilizer and lumber.

Cutting Edge Research President Don Campbell has been tracking Canadian real estate for 19 years and he says the province is in a good position to cash in.

Campbell says vacancy rates are again on the decline while job creation numbers are on the rise.

He says Alberta’s economy is going to act like a magnet in the next 18 to 24 months and people need places to live.

Subsequently, Campbell has a rather bullish economic and housing forecast for the province and for Calgary in particular.

He doesn’t believe Calgarians are going to see another housing boom like the one experienced back in 2006-2007, but thinks sales and prices could rise anywhere from seven to 12 per cent by 2013.

Campbell is also glad to see the city moving forward with major transportation projects like the west leg of the LRT, although he’s disappointed more efforts aren’t being made to address the secondary suite issue.